rpg smallIt all started about a month ago, when my friend Joe Stump started tweeting about how his friend shot an RPG in Cambodia. Sure enough, when I got to Phnom Penh, it was all I could think about. So we headed to the ATM and then told a tuk tuk we wanted to go to the shooting range. To our surprise, the shooting range was actually in the back of a military base. In fact the whole shooting range operation was run by the Cambodian military. I was expecting to pay around $150 to shoot an RPG, but when I saw the price was $300 (after our tuk tuk negotiated the $50 discount from $350), I had second thoughts. However, my good friend Austin Bryan gave me $100 to spend on something I wouldn’t normally use my own money for. That dropped the price to $200, and for something I surely wouldn’t get the chance to do ever again, it was definitley worth it.

We drove another 45 minutes to a remote military base where we loaded the trunk with weapons. While I was just there for the RPG, our car mates were there for the RPG, Grenade Launcher, Hand Grenades and K57 Machine Gun. Finally we arrived. With a propane tank on the horizon (which we all missed) I set the RPG launcher on my shoulder, put on ear protection an pulled the trigger. It was an awesome experience! I actually felt like I was inside one of the hundreds of video games I’ve played where shooting an RPG is routine. It might have cost $300, but I’ll certainly have a great conversation starter for years to come!

Here’s the video:

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